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I'm having her do some other stuff and she won't be reappearing for a while. So please: whoever has the next turn, go ahead and do it.

Also, I'm sad to say that we lost crowfield: her work and life just don't give her the time needed to participate, nor was this the onlygame she needed to give up. She'll be sorely missed! I'll take over Helvia for the time being unless or until someone else decides to play ehr.

I'm hoping that this doesn't suddenly fall apart. I'm enjoying the game, and I know others do as well.

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My first post here. I hope that it will suit.

Once he had returned to Oblivion, Rathine firmly pushed all thought of Nyxalinth from his mind. He would not risk others seeing her in his thoughts. Lord Imago knew of the Kynmarcher's love for her, but he and Lord Imago served the same cause.

Most of the other Dremora in Dagon's realm did not.

Rathine knelt before his lord, head bowed respectfully. "You may rise, Kynmarcher."

Rathine climbed to his feet. "I bring news, Lord Imago." The Grand Vizier nodded graciously, indicating that Rathine should continue. "I have alerted Prince Daeinde of Prince Dagon's plans for the mortal realm. We will have his full assistance in the matter."

"What of Lady Nyxalinth?"

Rathine kept his features perfectly neutral as he said, "She continues in pursuit of her duties, along with the Churl Mage, Dhevez."

"That's not what I meant and you full well know it," Lord Imago said, rubbing the side of his goatee with one finger. The Grand Vizier's eyes glittered with amusement at his Kynmarcher's discomfort. "You may speak openly here. None will hear a word that is said. Has she been worth the long wait that you endured?"

"Very much so, my lord." He would say nothing else. His time with her was deeply personal to him.

Lord Imago nodded. "I see. If all goes well, there will be no...lengthy seperations for either of you." He changed the subject, saying, "You may resume your duties under Kharssht's command, Kynmarcher Rathine. In a week's time passage on the Mundus, you will return to Prince Daeinde's shrine, and you may do as you please there. Meanwhile, I would show the utmost caution around the other Dremora here. It would not...please me to order you away from Lady Nyxalinth, but I will do as must be done."

Rathine nodded. That Lord Imago would even deign to point out the obvious lent weight to the seriousness of what they faced. "It shall be as you command, my lord."

"It is entirely as I wish," Lord Imago answered. "You are dismissed."

Rathine bowed and departed the Grand Vizier's chambers. As he made his way to Kharssht's citadel, he pondered the week that lay ahead of him.
* * *
The ship slid through the waters of the harbor as the afternoon sun slowly sunk lower in the sky. Gideon looked out from the bow at the docks of Anvil, it had been a long and boring voyage from Daggerfall, out of Illiac Bay and along the coast of Hammerfell. They had not made port since Stros M'kai and he was looking forward to finally sleeping in a bed that didn't move. Captain Torbeon came up beside him. "Welcome to Cyrodiil lad, course Anvil isn't much of a view compare to the Imperial City. Right big, that place is." He gave Gideon a clap on the back that made him take a step forward, kneeing the railing painfully and then walked off.

Thirty minutes later he was ashore, leaving the captain calling something after him about watching out for Land Dreugh. Tired and salty, he headed for the nearest Inn, a small building by the gate called The Flowing Bowl. The common room was crowded with patrons, and as he approached the bar the rather busy looking Wood Elf behind it greeted him. "What can I get ya?" he said distractedly. "A beer, a bath, and a room if you please." replied Gideon with a friendly smile. "Righto, a room is ten septims, a bath is five and a beer is one." Gideon took out the gold and handed to the barkeep. "Your patronage is much appreciated, upstairs, fourth door." He said hastily handing him a key and then shouted to someone unseen. "Bath for one!" Gideon took his beer and moved to an empty table, he watched the patrons with curiosity as he drank.
* * *
I am needing to make a new rule: Unless otherwise approved by me, please do not give your character abilities, items, etc. in the course of your turn.

I let it happen recently, mostly because I had not posted any rules saying one could not. I'm going to see how it goes and if things get crazy unbalanced, something will happen to said item.

I don't like being a hardass, but the game needs to stay balanced and fun.

if there's something you want, run it past me. I'll make you work your butt off for it but there is a good chance you'll get it, unless it's totally unbalanced for your level.

* * *
I made my way back to the Arcane University, still feeling rather bemused. 'This day couldn't possibly get any stranger,' I thought. 'I just hope that no one decides to take me up on that.' 'No one' meaning Sheogorath, of course.

I arrived back in time to see the Battlemages milling about with several guards. Two healers worked on a prone figure. As I drew closer, I recognized her immediately.

"Tar-Meena!" I knelt by her side. the Argonian favored me with a weak chuckle.

"I am quite all right, Nyxalinth. Were it not for that ring you gave me last fall, these two would be preparing me for my funeral, not giving me additional healing."

"Try not to talk," one of the healers, a Khajiit woman, told her gently. "Ranari is almost finished here."

"What happened?" I asked the other healer, a Breton woman.

"She tells us that the assassin who attacked the University attacked her first. Plunged a dagger right into her chest." The Breton looked grave as she added, "A good thing for her that you gave her that ring. It most definately saved her life."

I clasped my friend's scaly paw. "And you told me you would never have need of such an item." She smiled at me.

"Even I can be wrong once in a while. Thank you for being stubborn about it."

"Ranira and Estelle must take friend away now," The Khajiit said, smiling reassuringly. "She is strong, and will heal completely very soon." They carried her away on the stretcher.

I hurried up to my father's library. The mingled stench of blood, ozone and burnt flesh hung in the air. The body had been removed, but the bloodstains were thick on the carpet. My father, Dhevez, Skudge, Daeinde and Atrios were all present and accounted for.

"Where are Quint and Helvia?" I asked. I didn't know either of them very well, but still, I was concerned for their safety.

"The Bosmer left a short time ago," Dhevez informed me. "As to the Cyrodiil mortal, she has gone on to Kvatch."

"Ahh, good. I am...really not wanting to be in this library right now." I looked at the blood stains.

"We'll go to my study, then," my father said.

"You can tell us what you've been doing for the past hour," Daeinde said, smiling. "I'm sensing some rather...odd things right now. Perhaps you can enlighten us."
* * *
* * *
Aralin lay on the floor, near dead and in extreme pain. She tried to call out, for mercy or for help but nothing came out. She realised suddenly and unexpectedly that this was a battle she wasn't meant to win. Far from being angry she felt like laughing, but all she could manage was a string of half-coughs. She thought back over her life and how it had led here, through a number of stupid decisions.
"I'm sorry." she mouthed, and everything went black.

Rubi walked out of the staircase at roughly the same time a team of battlemages started up there. The redguard boy tried to talk to her but she wasn't paying any attention. She walked through the open doors and straight back to the city, and walked into the first inn she could find; the All Saints Inn. She paid for a room for the night and walked straight up. The room was nice enough but she didn't notice. She was thinking about the death of the woman she'd loved, and the betrayal of the woman she'd loved. She lay down on the bed, but didn't cry. She just felt numb. Eventually she must have fell asleep.
* * *
Helvia left without another word. I stood there without a word for a while, thinking about what had happened. My bow of Shock, still in my hands was shimmering between yellow and blue. Hljodhr sat upon my shoulder shivering; he had overdone himself with that last shock and was IN shock from it. I took a step forward from behind the cover of the chair to look at the corpse. It wasn’t even identifiable, burnt and slashed, shocked and smashed. One look and my stomach flipped and I backed away. I had never seen anything so… gross.

“We will be departing now,” I said quietly and made my way towards the door. “Bye!” Skudge yelled loudly. I bowed and went through the door, Hljodhr tightening his grip with his sharp little claws, drawing little red specks of blood.


Back in the Temple District, the roads were wet and shinny, It must have stormed, I though.

There were a lot more people then I was used to here. I tried to stay away from a large group of people all heading towards the Water Front District. I spotted a nice pathway leading behind all the houses, and went that way. Thinking I was away from everyone, I was surprised to be spoken to. “Please lend a coin, I am savin’ up for me medicine,” and old beggar said. “Me children and I need food, please spare us a coin,” she added. I didn’t buy the last part, but without talking I flipped a coin to her and kept walking. “Oh thank you kind sir!” she yelled as I rounded the corner.

I slowly made my way towards the Market District, running into as few people as I could. “Well Hljodhr? How does ‘The Feed Bag’ sound?” I asked. Perking his ears up at the sound of his name, he sat straight as I opened the door into the small place. It wasn’t a very big place, just two tables and a bar. At the bar were a few older men, both Nordic and another Wood elf like myself. I sat on the stool next to him, and the bartender greeted me. “What may I serve you this fine night?” he asked in his smooth Dunmer voice. “Just an ale for me, thanks,” I replied looking in his red eyes. While he prepared my drink I look to the Bosmer next to me, “Hello, how are you tonight?” I asked. “Fine, thank you, I am Borlin, and yourself?” he asked. “Quint,” I said offering a hand to my new acquaintance. We shook hands, and the bartender brought me my Ale. “What brings you into the big city?” he asked me, making conversation. “Just visiting, Heading out tomorrow though.” “To where?” he asked politely. “Kvatch, I have a friend there,” I said in the same polite tone. “Ah, me too, maybe we could travel together?” he said, slightly more nervous now. “That will be determined as the night goes on,” I spoke quietly mostly to myself.

Three ale’s later, I asked, “what do you do for a living?” “I do my own thing most of the time, I work at night if you know what I mean,” he said. “You mean you’re a thief too?” I asked. “Yes, I am quite an experience one too, would you like to partner up for the night? Show each-other what we can do?” I thought about it for a minute, not knowing whether to trust this guy or not. “Sure, that might be fun, know of any good targets?” I replied. “I see you’re an Archer, I know of a good place for you. Come on, let’s leave now, they aren’t around for another four hours,” he said. He seemed to know things in this town.

He led me to a smaller store near the back of the Market Place. Neither of us talked while I showed him my lock picking skills. After four tumblers the door swung open. “Very good,” he whispered in my ear, “now listen to this.” He walked forward, and I listened, there was one problem, I couldn’t hear anything. It was amazing, he was so quiet, I had never seen anyone so quiet. Inside, was a small store, a counter with a few arrows on it, and two tables off to the side holding three Iron Bows each. “What are we here for?” I whispered. “Follow me” he said a little louder then me, but not a full talk.

We walked up the stairs into the living quarters of the shop, and he picked the three-tumbler lock much quicker then I could have. God this guy is good, I thought. Inside, a candle was lit, but no one was there. Laying in a glass case was an Ebony bow. Up close, it was shimmering red to dark red, to black, and back again. “What is it?” I asked in awe. “It’s the Bow of Destruction. It has fire, damage health and drain magicka enchantments, a good find isn’t it?” I couldn’t take my eyes off it, I hadn’t seen an Ebony Bow since I was little and my father had one. “Is it for me?” “Yes you may have it, I suck with those things either way. Do you have a Probe?” I stared at him for a minute processing what he said, and I reached into my pocket and got one out. “Try it,” he said.

I stuck the probe in slowly and looked for the right place. I froze. The person who enchanted this case was skilled. I was frozen in that spot for what felt like a lifetime. Borlin stood there laughing at me while I was frozen. At last I could move my fingers, and slowly my whole arm, and then the other arm, and finally I could move my whole body. “You knew that was going to happen!” I yelled. “Shhh, don’t yell we might get caught. Yes I knew it was going to happen, and now I will teach you how to know. See that little bright blue glow in there, just barely visible? That’s what got you, Here I’ll show you how to do it.” He stuck the probe in at an angle and said a word in the Ancient Speech, a purple light illuminated the room. “Now for the lock,” he said taking out an orange handle. “What is that?” “This, fellow thief is a Skeleton Key, not many of them are around anymore. “Why is yours orange?” I asked pulling one out with a green handle. His eyes got wide, then he started to laugh. “What is so funny?” “you could have used that the whole time, why didn’t you?” he asked still chuckling. “Because you’re a thief and I don’t trust people very quickly.”

He stuck the pick in and the lock popped open. I grabbed the Bow and lifted it slowly. It was heavy. A lot heavier then my current Bow. Below a door slammed shut. Thinking fast, I put my Bow of Shock into the case and shut it, then pulled out some gloves and put them on. Each glove had a 10% chameleon enchantment on. I turned around to tell Borlin what they were, but no one was there. “Whose up there?!” someone yelled from downstairs. I went behind the door, as a tall Imperial man walked through. I crept up behind him and hit him over the head with all my strength. The man crumbled to the floor and I ran out the door. At the bottom of the stairs was another Imperial. A woman this time. “Whose there?” she yelled as I crept past, confident in my gloves. “I saw that!” she said swinging around to hit me, but I was already out the door. I ran as fast as I could past a guard who had to much to drink. “GHOST!” he screamed at the top of his lungs and fainted. I ran out the main gate and jumped on a Paint horse that had been sitting there that morning. “Yah!” I yelled heeling the horse, and I was off towards Kvatch.
* * *
Some of you no doubt noticed how the previous post occured :) We won't be switching formats, don't worry. I wanted to experiment a little, and it's fun, but I do prefer what we currently have going.

It won't be going on much longer, and then it's back to your regularly scheduled rpg turns. and I believe it's Quint's turn. :)

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The door to the tea shop swung open with a pleasant ding and a click. The well-groomed gentleman strode towards the counter.

"Can I buy you something to drink, my dear?" he asked politely, "or some refreshments, perhaps...?"

* * *
Helvia stood looking down at the mangled, crushed, clawed, scorched, and shocked remains of the dead assassin. The moment reminded her of her days in the Legion. She'd had to break up more than a few mage duels in her day. Whenever she'd arrived too late, the remains of one or both mages often resembled the corpse on the floor. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Taking her eyes from the remains, she addressed the one other mortal and the four Daedra (the Clannfear and the Dremora had since been permitted to depart by their summoners). "Gentlemen, it belatedly occurs to me that perhaps we could have simply captured her for questioning."

Dhevez prodded the body with his boot. "Do you really think she would have answered our questions, mortal? She certainly won't be doing so now."

"Maybe a necromancer--" Quint began.

"Atriosss hatesss necromancersss!" the Flame Atronach snarled. The Bosmer took a quick step back.

"I was just joking," Quint said. "Don't kill me!"

"Atrios won't kill you. But he really does hate...you know," Daeinde said. "I wouldn't joke about them in his presence again."

Quint eyed the Flame Atronach cautiously. "Err, sorry."

"Iss done," Atrios said, sounding like his usual agreeable self.

"Unfortunately," Daeinde said, "Speaking with the dead is not in my realm. I doubt we'll ever really know who she was or who sent her."

Someone knocked on the door. "Who's there?" Kezreth demanded. he relaxed slightly when Alden's coice came from behind the door.

"The guards are here, sir. Shall I admit them?"

Atrios and Daeinde quickly resumed their disguises. Skudge stayed where and what he was, though astoundingly the Scamp seemed stunned to silence by what had happened. "No, boy, send them up to the roof! Of course you should let them in." Kezreth grumbled under his breath as several members of the town guard strode into the library.

Great, Helvia thought. Just great. I'll just hope that by some miracle they don't recognize me.

They didn't. The guards remained polite and listened closely to the answers they received. Finally one of them said, "A young woman ran up to us in the merchant square saying that the Dark Brotherhood had attacked the Mage's Guild."

kezreth nodded. "Most likely that was my daughter Nyxalinth. The assassin burst in here to kill her for reasons we don't yet know. I told her to use her recall magic to get to safety."

One of the younger guards bent to examine the mangled corpse. "She's not Dark Brotherhood, sir. She's wearing black leathers and a black cloak, but it's not the Brotherhood. I've dealt with them enough to know." He pried the black dagger from her hand. "And look at this!" He handed it to the Captain.

The captain examined it. Helvia caught the shimmer it made in the light: it was heavily enchanted. "Powerful item," he said, and shuddered. "Cold to the touch. We'll have the Legion mages examine it." He looked at everyone closely. "Thank you for answering my queries this afternoon, citizens. We'll be in contact with further developments." He turned to his men. "We're done in here. We'll check on the condition of the Argonian woman: we may have to raise the fine from one for assault to murder, though I hope not." They departed, boots thudding heavily on the carpeted floor.

Helvia sighed. That had been close. Turning to the others she said, "Unless anyone feels otherwise, I am departing for Kvatch immediately, Prince Daeinde."

He nodded. "Keep in touch by whatever means you have. I will inform Nyxalinth of your departure. Good fortune to you."

"Thank you." Helvia's eyes met those of the Flame Atronach once more. I don't have time for this, she told herself, and left the library, closing the door behind her.
* * *
* * *

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