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Kharssht had been more than delighted to see him. So much so that her first orders to him were of a rather more...carnal nature.

After, as he had hoped she would, she talked of the latest goings-on and her place in them. Kharssht did not indulge in idle gossip: Dremora disdained such rubbish. However, much of what she said carried weight insofar as his mission was concerned, and he listened closely.

"Karzak is beginning to suspect that there is a spy amongst the Markynaz," she told Rathine. Her rusty orange hair spread over his chest like a flow of lava; her fingers idly traced his chest tattoos as she spoke.

"Oh? What has led him to this conclusion?" He idly stroked her hair and neck. They had been lovers once, and they still enjoyed each other's company now and again, but neither of them pretended that the relationship was anything more than 'friends with benefits' as the mortals would say. "Karzak is a most sensible sort. He is not one to indulge in fits of paranoia."

Kharssht nodded. "Certainly not, and so his words carry great weight." She raised herself up on one elbow and looked down at him. "You are familiar with the Markynaz known as Marakh?"

Rathine nodded. Inwardly, however, he groaned. Marakh was Nyxalinth's grandfather. From what he knew, she had not seen him since she was but a mere youngling, but she spoke of him fondly. As for the Markynaz, he himself had stated that he was quite proud of what his granddaughter had become. 'If Karzak has begun to suspect Marakh, he must be warned immediately, as must Daeinde and Imago Storm. Yet, here I am. Should I depart so soon, it will arouse suspicion.' he forced himself to focus once more on her words.

Kharssht continued. "It is he whom Karzak suspects, though he would not say why. I am not at all certain, myself. Given Karzak's fair and honorable nature, it is reasonable that he wishes to be certain of this."

"Not to mention that they are lovers," Rathine murmurred. "What would you have me do, then, my lady?" He knew that she mentioned this because she had a task in mind for him.

"I require that you keep a watchful eye upon him, Kymarcher Rathine. I am certain that you best know how, so I will not presume to tell you how to go about it." She leaned in close and bit the hard flesh of his chest. "For now, however, there are other, more...pressing matters." She reached down between them to touch the most pressing one of the moment.

Rathine grinned at her. "Indeed." But even as they mated once more, his mind was a million miles away.
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