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Daeinde and Atrios

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Entering the Study, Daeinde made himself comfortable on the long, soft couch, Atrios joining him without a word. He made eye contact with Dhevez and grinned at the youngling Mage whose eyes seem to twitch before the Dremora took a seat across from he and Atrios. Nyxalinth, of course, joined the two seated Daedra on the large piece of furniture, sitting on the other side of Atrios. Nyxalinth's father seemed content enough standing and the small Scamp decided to perch himself on the arm of one of the large sitting chairs.

"So, Nyxalinth," Daeinde began, giving the woman a curious, but amused look. "I have a suspicion that your time away just now was more interesting than a simple Teleport to safety." He had to hold back himself as the urge to wink overwhelmed him. Only faint traces of whomever the lady had met were still about her, but it was enough that he could sense the lingering presence of a Daedric Prince on her person.

Nyxalinth's eyes darted to the door for a second as she heard sounds, but the noise was more cleaning-related she sensed. A small shiver of memory creeped down her spine as she turned to address the question asked. Nodding as she answered, she replied, "You could say that, my lord. I, ah, met a very unique person." She sighed lightly to herself, knowing Daeinde would pry until he had all the information he wanted. Instead, she continued, "I met Sheogorath while I was out." She neglected to mention what went on when she had met him, but she decided on her own that the circumstances probably didn't matter.

Holding a hand up, she cut off whatever her father was going to say, but she could tell he was very upset. "It's okay, father, he was quite the gentleman. I didn't do nor say anything stupid. Starting a scene didn't seem like a good idea at the time. I have no idea if he has a part in any of this or not, though." She could see--and hear--the start of a growl from Kezreth. Turning to Daeinde, she found the expression on his face unreadable.

The Daedric Prince blinked, then shook his head. "He wouldn't, or if he did, it would not be.. anything like you would expect. Be careful around him, Nyxalinth. He may seem harmless at times, but he is far from it. For now, I'll wait and see what he does, if anything. I highly doubt he's in with Prince Dagon, though. It's not his.. style. Yet, I cannot say for sure, of course. Sometimes I wonder if even Sheogorath knows what he is doing." With that, he finally let a smirk fall across his lips.

Looking towards Kezreth, Daeinde spoke again, "Your daughter can handle herself, friend. Though, spending time with Daedric Princes usually isn't advised," he paused to grin at the irony of that statement, then continued, "at least now we know he may be a player, or at least in the vicinity."

Shrugging, Daeinde relaxed, stretching out his legs. "As far as that's concerned, we'll see. For now, however, there are other, more imminent matters to attend to. Dhevez," the Mage perked his head up at hearing his name. "I know Imago Storm has ordered you to partner up with Nyxalinth in the matters at hand, however, she must perform an extremely important.. duty before she may properly join you in your mission."

The youngling shook his head, feeling the increasing familiar tingle of warning in the back of his mind, but he felt it was proper this time. "Imago Storm has informed me-"

"No, he knows of this, or should know. If he doesn't, then he will be made aware. This is very important in letting Nyxalinth perform her task." He looked at the lady. "If you would be so kind, I wish to ask you to accompany both myself and Atrios, as we need to make leave of the Imperial City as soon as possible. I'll tell you then what I speak of, as it seems a personal matter. Of course, you may share it with whomever you wish."

"Okay..," she replied, cautiously. Things were slipping more and more out of her control and she wasn't entirely sure what she thought of the matter. "It shall be done, if you wish to leave immediately."

Nodding, Daeinde watched Atrios rise to stand. The large Flame Atronach extended a hand down to his friend and Daeinde let himself be pulled to his feet. Raising an eyebrow at Nyxalinth, he waited for her to stand as well. "If Imago Storm sends word," he said, indicating Dhevez, "You know how to contact me. However, I plan on alerting him to my plans as soon as I'm capable. I trust you will be.. fine on your own, here?" The tone he'd asked in wasn't merely interested in knowing if the youngling Mage could conduct himself without his partner.

Bowing deeply, Dhevez tried to deny eye contact as much as possible. "As my lord wishes," he replied, his tone very formal. "I shall.. conduct myself properly in the absence of the lady." He raised his head in time to meet Atrios eyes and the Flame Atronach nodded to him. The Mage swallowed and dipped his head slightly to Atrios.

"Oh, and before I forget," Daeinde said, his eyes sparkling. He turned to the small Scamp. "Skudge, I do have a mission for you, if you're still interested."

Skudge nodded enthusiastically, "Skudge do favour for Daeinde," he said, sounding as serious as he possibly could.

"I need you to take word to Nocturnal about Dagon's plans. Not everything," he spoke up just as Dhevez seemed to make move to interrupt. "Only that Dagon is planning a war with Tamriel, it would be very helpful if she was aware of what is going on. Perhaps she may even have some insight to depart. Would you do this for me?"

"Skudge tell Nocturnal for Daeinde, promise to do good job!" he replied, feeling both excited about his important mission and honoured that he was being tasked with such a valuable role. "But, Skudge have no way home.."

"I can send you to Nocturnal's realm now. I'm sure you can get word back to me when you wish to return, unless you have your own means, that is. Even Nocturnal herself could send you back here when you have completed your mission." The Scamp nodded, his big eyes sparkling with importance. Daeinde cast a spell, hitting the smaller Daedroth with a ball of red energy and he disappeared in a shower of sparks.

"If there is nothing else..?" he asked, looking around the room. As no one said a word, he turned to Atrios. "It's settled then, Atrios, if you would be so kind."

The Flame Atronach nodded, his golden earrings swinging slightly. "Atrios teleport, ssee Nyxalnith father and handssome Dremora ssoon."

Dhevez bowed, his expression unreadable, as Kezreth moved forward to embrace his daughter. "You behave yourself, or I'll hear of it!" He stepped back, joining Dhevez as the trio disappeared in a flash of light.
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