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oblivion_rpg's Journal

Live another life...in Oblivion
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This is a journal based RPG set in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. The time frame is currently one month before the Daedric hordes invade Cyrodiil, seat of the Tamrielic Empire. The main storyline of Oblivion will play out, perhaps differently than in the game itself, based on the actions of the players.

If you are new to Elder Scrolls Games or Roleplaying in general, here are several good links:


Elder Scrolls Links:

Races: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:The_Elder_Scrolls_races
Elder Scrolls Games in General: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Main_Page
The Imperial Library: http://til.gamingsource.net/

Need a name? This works well:


The Rules

1. Please do your best to use proper punctuation and grammar. Spell check isn't infallible, nor is grammar check, so don't rely on those. Also, no 133t 5p34k. It needs to be recognizable as English :)

2. Don't involve other characters in things without their permission. Casual things such as buying them a drink, a conversation, or healing are fine, but things like sex and romance, fighting, or quests are more personal. So check with your intended partner before you drag him or her along through an Oblivion Gate :)

3. We encourage original characters. This is your time to get truly creative. However, if you really have your heart set on, say, Hieronymous Lex or another NPC in the game, clear it with me first. We can't all be The Gray Fox of Lucien Lachance :)

4. I have a decent idea of the game--though I've never played it--because I have the hint book so that I can run it effectively. I will not be giving out spoilers for the game. However, it may not flow according to the main plot of the game, simply because these will not be computer controlled characters and events. Think of it as a 'What if...' version of Oblivion.

5. All standard races and classes of Oblivion are welcome. If you have a race or class not of Tamriel (the main continent of the game world)or if you really want to play a Daedra, clear it with me first.

6. Your character's turn is expected to be posted in a timely manner. I feel that three days if sufficient, but if you need an extension, let me know. If I don't hear from you in five days, I'll post your character's turn myself, and have him or her act in a way that is appropriate to the character.

7. Please request a hiatus if you will not be available to play for a week or more. During that time, I will play your character as a Non-player Character (NPC) and will do my best to play them in an appropriate manner.

8. I have no issue with evil or dsagreeable characters. However I will not allow random, chaotic rampaging evil. Those types ruin a game faster than anything else. If this is something you absolutely must have, then feel free to fire up your copy of Oblivion and have at it. I can't and won't tolerate it here.

9. Feel free to contact me at any time reagrding anything. The only dumb question is an unasked one.

10. Elder Scrolls experience isn't necessary. This can be handled either by your character being a non-native, or by familiarizing yourself with some basic lore. There's a lot of good Elder Scrolls related websites out there.

11. New rule: Unless otherwise approved by me, please do not give your character abilities, items, etc. in the course of your turn.

This is all I can think of for now. It will be added to as necessary.

Questions And Answers:

--Must all our characters come in at the beginning or can we enter when we feel like it?

You can start playing anytime you like.

--How many characters can I play at one time?

One or two seems to be the optimum number. More than that and it gets confusing and watered down.

--Will this follow the Main quest of Oblivion? Can we participate in it? do we have to participate in it? Can we shut down Oblivion gates, or can we ignore them and do our own thing?

Just as in Oblivion itself, you can do as you wish within the rules. You can ignore the Oblivion gates, get someone else to shut them down, or be a hero and do it yourself. Oblivion gates can open anytime, anywhere, but you are not required to do anything about it.

--When and how will the Main Quest Take Place?

The Main Quest gets rolling one month's game time into it. Before this, Kvatch is whole, there's no Oblivion gates, and the only Daedra encountered are the usual summoned and incidental Daedra.

The Main Quest will unfold, though it may be altered (to varying degrees.) To put it simply, there will be no 'NPC So and So' goes unconcious' in this. If, say, Burd or Martin die, then that's that. They are Ex-NPC's, they have ceased to be.

--I know things about 'XYZ' from playing Oblivion. Can my character use this knowledge?

Nope, unless you can demonstrate to me how this character has this knowledge in a logical way. For those of you with little to no pencil and paper RPG experience, this is known as 'Player Knowledge versus Character knowledge'.

Let's say that Nyxalinth (my character) is out riding. I as a Mod know that an Oblivion gate is about to open right in front of her face. But Nyxalinth the character knows no such thing, and acts appropriately puzzled and afraid when the sky goes red and scary and a big old gate opens up. She doesn't just say 'Oh, that's just an Oblivion gate...better go in and close it, tralala.' Her true reaction would likely be to wheel her horse around and ride for the nearest town to give warning. She is the Hero of Battlespire, but she's not an idiot :)

--What about...level scaling? Can we go into an Oblivion gate and close it at first level? And if we throw a bunch of iron swords, spoons, calipers and pottery in a box and wait until we're 20th level, will it turn into Daedric Armor and Weapons?

Oh, good try. Heh heh. I don't believe in level scaling. If there's say, 10th level Black Bow Bandit dudes in a cave, you can bet your wizard's staff that they'll be 10th level if you're first level, 10th level, or 20th level. They might get a,little tougher in the interim, owing to training, lots of practice, etc., but there's not going to be any of this 'They'll always be five levels tougher' or whatever nonsense.

Now, as to those calipers and such. Not gonna happen. I can guarantee you that at first, 10th, or 20th level, there's still gonna be spoons, calipers, and by now probably very rusty iron swords in that barrel or box.

--Are the guards still going to be psychic?

Not really. they'll still come after you if your crime is witnessed or someone reports you, but it's not like say, this guard in Anvil will magically know that you killed some dude over in Bruma. Having said that, the guard and NPC interactions will be smarter. They aren't going to slaughter someone for stealing a loaf of bread anymore (City-Swimmer lives!)

You apply by:
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nyxalinth2@yahoo.com with the following information:

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