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If no one posts, it's going down.

Simple as that. Don't worry about the posting order: just DO something.

Meanwhile, here's something from Skudge:

After his meeting with his beloved Mistress, Skudge promptly returned to Daeinde's palace.

It had taken him a while to convince Nocturnal's Umbrals that he had a serious message for her. This had not sat well with the little Scamp. He was used to most other Daedra not taking him seriously, but it still grated on him.

"And what business have you with the Night Mistress, little one?" the shadowy Daedra asked him. Skudge could not see the Umbral's face behind his hood, but he heard the amusement all the same.

"Me have big important message for Nocturnal!" Skudge announced, puffing out his small chest. "From Prince Daeinde!"

"Really, now? Well, I'll just take that, then." The Umbral reached out with a smoky gray hand, but Skudge snatched the parchment away.

"Nuh uh! Prince Daeinde say me deliver to Nocturnal, not no big nosy-body!"

The Umbral's black feathered wings twitched as his shoulders shook. "Well, it must be very important, then." The scamp eyed him back with beady, red eyes. "All right, then. I'll let you see her. Far be it from me to stop such an important message from getting through."

The Umbral waved his hand, and the doors to the throne room swung silently open. His shoulders shook harder as the Scamp swept past him with an almost regal air of importance. It wasn't until the doors had shut firmly behind him that the Daedra gave full vent to his mirth, muffling his laughter in the sleeve of his robe.

Skudge mustered all the gravity that he could as he approached Nocturnal. The Night Mistress regarded the little Scamp with serious gray eyes, saying, "Greetings, little one. It is good to see you again."

The Scamp bowed low to his Mistress. She was always kind, always took him seriously, unlike her guard outside her throne room.

"Me happy to see Oathmother, too. Me bring important message from Prince Daeinde." He handed her the scroll.

Nocturnal thanked him, then broke the seal and opened it. Her night-dark brows burrowed against her pale face as she read it. "Very grim news indeed. I thank you for bringing this to me, Skudge." The Scamp beamed under her praise.

"Would you mind bringing a reply back to him? It will be but a moment." She thought a moment, then waved her hand lightly over the parchment. The Daedric characters glowed a moment before rearranging themselves into her reply.

"Ooh," Skudge said admiringly. Nocturnal chuckled. "Nothing amazing about being lazy, I'm afraid. Still, it is a suitable reply, I think." Her mouth turned in a grim smile.

Handing the parchment back to Skudge she said, "Give my kind regards to Nyxalinth, as well. We have not forgotten the help she rendered us."

"Me do!" Skudge assured her. He bowed low. With a gesture, the Night Mistress sent the Scamp back to Daeinde's palace.
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