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Ali'ksandr threw back the temple doors. Light flooded into the ruins, illuminating the room beautifully. The temple was still in relatively good shape. Only one of the columns had rotted away and fell down, leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling. The room was almost empty barring the rubble and a table, which appeared to have fallen through from the floor above. A stained glass window dominated the far end of the room. It depicted Azura creating the Khajitti. Ali'ksandr looked at the floor. Rubblestrewn though it was, it was relatively dusty. It was unlikely that there was anything still in here; although he'd been in far too many close scrapes to let his guard down. As he strode into the temple he was for a moment perfectly framed in the doorway.

He's slightly taller than average Khajiit, with a long black mane and a peircing gaze. He's wearing a thin brown jacket and a similar pair of pants. Tucked into his belt is a pair of short glass daggers, and hooked on the other side of his belt is a long twist of rope, and a flask of water. Across his back he has a long wooden pole. His jacket appears to made primarily out of pockets, with a small amount of stitching to keep it together.

Ali'ksandr walks down a couple of steps into the temple and checking the corners of the vast room he walks to a door in the wall to his left. He tries it to find that it's stuck tight. With only the slightest of a pause he turns and looks to the ceiling, and walks to a clear spot underneath a gaping hole. He pulls the pole from his back and plants it on the ground, runs quickly up the wall and somersaults, bringing the pole with him, into the floor above. This room is much darker than the room downstairs and is full of upturned furniture, the only way out barring the hole was a door that had been torn from it's hinges. This temple had been abandoned in a hurry. Ali'ksandr scans the room for any signs of life, but still finds none. Cautiously he sheathes the pole and walks towards the doorway and enters a corridor. A glimmer of light is pouring from an open door slightly down the corridor. Ali'ksander reaches for his daggers now, visibly concerned. He creeps down the corridor silently and turns the corner looking into the room.
Immediately it's clear where the light is coming from, a podium is the main feature of the room and on this podium is an arrangement of candelabra, complete with candles that look as though they were only just lit. This room is derelict of any toppled furniture, but the dust that covers everything is undisturbed. On the podium, in the dead centre of the candelabra is a sleeping figure. A dunmer with black hair wearing dark leather armour. She's laughing in her sleep.
"I'm sorry." She says...

Immediately Rubi sits bolt upright in bed, her heart racing. She could tell that there was something more to this dream than most, it was too real. Rubi could still smell the decay of the temple long since abandoned. This was obviously something more. She grabs her stuff, still packed up, and leaves immediately.
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