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Dual turn--Quint, followed by Helvai

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I am writing for Quint today, at lucien_lachance's request. helvia is now an NPC, as discussed previously.


I knew it was too good to be true. When I see that little rat, Borlin, he'll wish he'd never been born.

The ebony bow is a fake. I risked getting caught by the guards for a stupid, worthless bow made of substandard steel.

I grumbled about this to Hljodhr the entire time. He seemed to listen to my every word, but then, he always did. That's one of the things that's nice about animals: they listen, and they never judge you for anything.

Up ahead in the turn of the road was the Old Goat. It was more or less time to eat, so I thought 'Why not?' and made for the inn. Maybe Rowena or Kerris had some interesting gossip. it turned out nothing much was going on, so and after eating lunch and paying for it, I continued on to Kvatch.

I arrived in Kvatch just as the sun was setting.


Helvia arrived in Kvatch just as the sun was setting. It looked much the way she'd left it long ago. She made an immediate beeline for the inn, got a room, and settled in for the night.

She still wasn't at all sure of what, exactly, she was needed for here. Of course, Dagon's armies could attack at any time. She wasn't terribly fond of the idea of facing off against Daedra again.

She sighed. Her most recent encounters with Daedra had given her food for thought. She had no desire whatsoever to satisfy whatever curiousity the Flame atronach--Atrios, had been his name--might have had about her. But he had been polite and well-mannered, and obviously very intelligent. Daeinde had likewise been a kindly sort--for a Daedra Prince, she supposed. The two Dremora, while not terribly agreeable sorts, had at least kept their weapons and spells to themselves.

She was not prepared to change her thinking on Daedra any time soon, but so long as that particular bunch made no hostile moves, it was simply none of her business what they were doing or where they were.

So thinking, she made a mental note to keep an eye out for appearances of the more hostile vairety and went to bed.
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